2009 Board Members, Ship's Officers and Staff

Board Members

Ralph Wetterhahn, Ira Cohen, Christopher Scott, Christal Dunn, Rene Marcoux, Marty Dodell and Ron Phelps

Ship Departments

Joe Itson (Master), Bill Carroll (Releif Master), Larry Welsh (Master Emeritus), William Skinner (Chief Mate), Hubert "Dutch" von Rettberg (Chief Mate), Jim Gillen (Relief Chief Engineer), Claude Gammel (Ch. Engineer Emeritus), Saul Yochelson (Chief Radio Operator)

U.S. Navy Armed Guard

Charles Savona (CPO), Bill McWaid (SOM 1/C), Robert Figueroa (SM 2/C)

Headquaters Staff

Lee Chamberlain (Safety Director), Jan Michaelis (Publicity), Gary Crowe (Advertising), Larry Crawford (Musuem Curator), Jim Higman (Museum Curator), Gene Allen (Musuem Curator), Alan Ferris (Librarian), Neil Bjornsen (Chapter Affairs), Larry Stengelsen (Cruise Director), Art Morrison (Maritime Consultant), Marty Dodell (Movie Coordinator), Chris Brooks (Ship Keeper), Richard Kalk (Comany Security), Frances Thronson (Anchor Light Editor), Douglas Clark (Website)

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