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Crew Profile: Pat Saville - Galley Cook

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Pat Saville and her son, John, prepare yet another delicious meal for the crew

Pat Saville and her son, John, prepare yet another delicious meal for the crew

This month we pay tribute to a very special Lady.  One whose kindness, bright sweet smile, and spunky spirit has made every crew member aboard the S.S. Lane Victory melt.  Her name is Pat Saville, who has lovingly become known to us all as “Mom.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Pat is a true native of this glamorous and  multi-cultural city.  Married for 47 years to a husband who was a WWII navy veteran, she has two sons: the youngest, a merchant marine currently working in MSC, and the oldest, who “serves” as one of the most esteemed volunteers on the Lane Victory himself:  the Galley Chef.  Alongside her son, John, she pours heaping amounts of time, care, and love into the preparation of a vast array of delicious gourmet meals which leave every last crew member well-nourished, satisfied, and ready for more.  The organization is lucky to have such talent in the galley, not to mention the best mother-and-son dynamic team ever!

It was in 1999 that Pat came aboard the S.S. Lane Victory for her 1st cruise.  A delightful experience, to say the least, it would be one she would always remember.  Years later, with the encouragement of her son John, she boarded the ship again; this time as a volunteer.  Since her arrival on the Lane, about a year ago, she has won the hearts of practically all who have met her and are fortunate enough to have partaken in the delectable meals both she and John would create.  Every Saturday she can be seen assisting in preparing entrees for a tasty lunch, whipping up side dishes as well as scrumptious desserts with ease.  Although excelling on a wide variety of cuisines, she has admitted that her specialty is Mexican food.  Yum!

She manages to exude her enthusiasm for taking care of others with lots of “sugar and spice” earning her the beloved nickname “Mom.”  At age 73 she carries an amazing energy that even when health threatens to give her a bad day, she manages to switch on a smile so perfect and bright that causes many to pause and be inspired.  Furthermore and simply put: she just makes you want to pull her in your arms and hug her!  (Yes, the author tends to do just that at every opportunity).

She is a special and highly cherished individual who the ship has been blessed and honored with.  Additionally, her sweetness is contagious.  (Thanks for the toothache!) Mom, YOU ARE EVER LOVED!

John, the cat is out of the bag now.  We know what the secret ingredient is to all of your fantastic dishes.  Make sure you keep your eye on her lest one of us will steal her for ourselves!

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