Museum Dept.

Volunteering on the S.S. Lane Victory is fun.  In addition to working with many WWII veterans from all branches of the military who have many interesting stories concerning their personal experiences during their military careers, there are numerous departments that a volunteer can work in.  One of img_1981-resized1which are the museums where constant maintenance of the displays is required.  Also, taking in new donations for the museums and categorizing the items according to branch of service and historical significance stands as one of the more important tasks in the upkeeping of this very special part of the ship. 

There are numerous original documents in the #4 Hold Historical Museum such as:  Original letters from President Harry Truman, an original newspaper from 1898 (Spanish-American War), etc… 












#2 Hold Museum is primarily a military museum.  We have replicas of military ships and planes, a U.S. Navy torpedo, land mines, etc…                        


Anyone with a knowledge and love of history and its artifacts would provide a much needed service to this ship, and in return would benefit greatly from the experience, creativity, and inspiration easily drawn from their involvement in the work that the museums have to offer. 

Volunteers interested in lending their help, expertise, or simply their enthusiam are highly encouraged to join the museum department, as they are welcome and needed throughout the week.  Please see the museum curator Larry Crawford for information regarding current and expected future tasks as well as general maintenance rules, guidelines, and practices.

Current Crew Members:

-Larry Crawford (Curator)

-Patricia Clark

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