Summer Cruises


We regret to report that the SS Lane Victory has suspended our Cruise Schedule.

During our last sea trials in preparation for cruises, a number of steam generating tubes in the port boiler failed.

Being a 70 year old historic and heroic vessel, repair will require the fabrication of new boiler tubes, installation, testing and trials again. This process is estimated by our contractors to take quite some time and cost us a tremendous amount of money (in the $2M range). We invite you visit the SS Lane Victory and tour the ship and museums as she will remain open daily from 9 AM - 4 PM.

This untimely repair is costly and your continued support in both work effort and monetary contributions is essential to get her steaming once again.


Steam back to the 1940's aboard the last fully restored and operational Victory Ship, the S.S. Lane Victory.  Enjoy a day's-long adventure and breath-taking views as we sail toward Catalina Island.  Dance on the deck to the sounds of the Yellow Hound Dawg Band.  Help the crew hunt down an escaped German spy and re-live the hair-raising drama as the ship's gunners ward off a Luftwaffe air attack!  Take time to explore the ship and it's museums on your own, or as part of one of the many guided tours.  Its a perfect way for ship aficionados, history buffs, and families alike to spend the day!

The S.S. Lane Victory is a National Historic Landmark and a fully operational ship.  Every year, prior to our cruises, the ship has a complete Coast Guard inspection.  We are authorized to take as many as 800 passengers on each cruise.

To make sure your trip is as enjoyable as possible, we recommend you wear comfortable clothes and come prepared with:

  • Sweater or light jacket as the mornings at sea can be chilly
  • Sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat to ward off the afternoon sun.
  • Closed toe & heel, flat, rubber-soled shoes.  Flip-flops and sandals are highly discouraged.

Boarding for the summer cruises starts at 7:30 AM; guests should arrive early to allow plenty of time to pass through the security check.  Photo ID is required and all bags are subject to search. Boarding ends and the gangway is raised at 8:30 AM. **due to boarding restrictions, we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs or strollers.

A continental breakfast is available upon boarding.  At 9:00 we cast off and our fabulous cruise filled with fun, food, fellowship,  and dancing begins.  Tugs make fast to the ship and assist us as we steam down the main channel, across the outer harbor past the breakwater and out to the open sea.

At this point during each cruise, a Memorial Service held for one of the more than 700 merchant ships lost during WWII. The U.S. Naval Sea Cadets Honor Guard presides as a wreath is placed over the side with a moment of silence for the Civilian Merchant Marine and Naval Armed Guard crew lost.

The engine room tours begin after we leave the breakwater or you can just kick back and enjoy the music of the "Yellow Hound Dawg Blues Band" and maybe the Harmonette's,  but keep a lookout for WWII re-enactors.

During our passage, visit the wheel house, engine room, radio room, browse two great museums and the gift shop. As we cruise past Avalon enjoy a narration of points of interest along the shore... You might even see a dolphin or flying fish!

Around mid-day its time for lunch!  It is an all you can eat buffet served on deck.  You will not go away hungry!! 

Suddenly there is a commotion topside.-- the crew has captured a spy!  He is paraded around the deck in irons but not before he has radioed his position.  

The general alarm is sounded,  the Armed Guard 'man' their guns.  Out of the blue come the enemy planes to attack the ship.  The Armed Guard answers in kind with their 5" cannon and 20mm guns. When all seems dire, American planes swoop in to save the day. After the dogfight, the planes then form up to fly the length of the ship. **Aerial attack weather permitting for the safety of the pilots and our guests.

As we approach the harbor, we admire the Angels Gate Lighthouse, which was built in 1913. We wonder about the rumor that sometime in the 1930's the lighthouse was 'scraped' by a battleship.  The impact tossed the keeper from his bed.  Which battleship? The U.S. Navy kept that fact "classified".

Stand Clear! The deck crew is busy now, getting ready to take on the Pilot who will bring us into the harbor.

Once inside the harbor we take a line from the tugs who will assist up the main channel and into our berth. We are welcomed home by a Los Angeles Fireboat which provides a beautiful water display. 

A wonderful day at sea comes to an end as our Victory at Sea returns home. We are secured to our dock and the gangway is lowered around 4:30 pm.