We need a Chief Engineer (ours is retiring):

The Chief Engineer is responsible for all vessel machinery, administering a maintenance schedule and responding to repair needs.   Additionally, the Chief Engineer supervises, assists and trains (where needed) the Engineering Department crew.
The Engine Department on the Lane Victory is set up into two sections,
The Mechanical Section (comprised of Assistant Engineers and QMED)
The section's responsibilities include;
  • Handling machinery maintenance.
  • Routine operation of the lube oil system.
  • Routing operation of the steering gear.
  • Routine operation and testing of firefighting equipment.
  • Routine operation of the deck machinery
  • Operation of the engine turning gear.
  • Maintaining the integrity of a water tight hull.
  • Routine inspections of the hold compartments.
  • Pumps the bilges to the bilge water holding tank.
  • Effectuates the transfer of fresh water on board.
  • Checking hull impress current system.
The Electrical Section (comprised of First Electricians and Assistant Electricians):.
This section's responsibilities include;
  • Electrical maintenance of all motors and controllers.
  • Electrical maintenance of the main generators, the switchboard and galley stoves.
  • Routine operation of the forward auxiliary generators and aft emergency generators.
  • Routine testing of all alarms systems.
  • Scheduled servicing and testing of the battery systems.
  • Monitor and service the refrigerators
  • Maintain the ship's lighting systems.
Note: Because the Lane Victory is a charity and on such a tight budget, any and all shore side labor repairs and equipment purchases must be approved by the USMMVWWII Board of Directors.  Therefore it is essential we try to maintain an engine room and engineering team that has the expertise and skill to keep as much 'in house' as possible.