During WWII, Victory ships, and other Merchant ships, often came under hostile attack by enemy submarines and aircraft.   More than 700 Merchant ships were lost and even more damaged.   During WWII the US Navy trained men to travel aboard the merchant vessels and serve in a fighting capacity when a ship came under attack.   The casulty rate of the Armed Guardsmen was among the highest of any armed service.

If you volunteer for S.S. Lane Victory Armed Guard you will be helping to keep the memory alive of those Navy Armed Guardsmen who served so bravely during WWII.

We really DO need you!

What do volunteer Navy Armed Guardsmen do?   

  • Keep the traditions of the original Navy Armed Guard.
  • Keep our part of the main museum ship shape.
  • Maintain the guns on the ship.
  • Maintain the gun tubs and other Armed Guard assigned areas.
  • In charge of the Signal Bridge, the signal flags, and the signal lights.
  • Fire the guns during cruises and on special occasions.  (We cannot use live ammunition, thus our guns are fired using compressed gasses.)
  • Participate in memorial services.
  • And, like all good Navy people, we paint.    As the saying goes "If it moves, salute it. If it doesn't move, pick it up. If you can't pick it up, paint it."

We normally work on Saturday and/or Wednesday.