The S.S. Lane Victory is a memorial, museum, and fully operational WWII era cargo ship.  Her continued existence is not possible without the hard work, dedication and love of the volunteers who keep her looking good and running true. 

Volunteers are needed in all departments.  Mariners-by-trade and 'land-lubbers' alike are welcome.  No mariner experience is needed, you don't ever have to have been a crewman or sailor of any type.  But we are always looking for experienced mariners and steam engineers.

Each individual works when they can work, they do the work they choose to do.   We do have crew work days on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, but if you can't work on those days, you can work on the days that fit your schedual.

In particular, we constantly need volunteers for our Gangway Office (ticket office), the General Office and in the Giftshop.

At minimum an associate USMMVWWII membership is required (this is for insurance, OSHA, and other requirements).  See the Membership Application (note, first year members should only join as Associate members, see below) for the benefits and perks of being a member of the Lane Victory crew.  However no perk can match the satisfaction of knowing you are on a team of outstanding individuals who maintain and perpetuate the legacy of indivuals who risked their lives in times of need, to preserve the world as a better place for mankind and to assist in defending those not able to defend themselves.

Volunteers with 200 or more hours of service become members of the "Working Crew" and are eligible to work the summer cruises, when we are cruising, with the approval of their respective department head.

Make new friends, learn new skills, hear the sea stories from Merchant Marine and Naval Armed Guard veterans.  Become a crew member and volunteer!


Why Not Volunteer Today?

A list of volunteer opportunities available and some information about each department:

 Why only an Associate Membership the first year?  Because the main advantage to a full membership is being able to vote for our Board of Directors.
However, our corporate bylaws do not allow first year members to vote in the Board elections, so it is really pointless to pay for a full membership.