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Welcome to the Bow!

Mounted on the foc'sle deck below the 3"/50 gun tub is the anchor windlass, used to pull the 5 ton anchors from the sea depths to their resting place against the bow of the ship. The anchor chain is fed into a chain locker beneath the windlass.  Below the foc'sle deck is the original boson's storage locker and ammunition handling room for the 3" gun.  The ship's auxiliary generators have been installed in those spaces now.

anchor windlass

Image of the anchor windlass  Note: image take prior to installation of 3"/50 gun tub

Lane Victory has an electric-motor-driven, horizontal-shaft type anchor windlass on the forecastle deck. Manufactured by the Hesse-Ersted Iron Works of Portland, Oregon, the windlass is capable of raising two anchors simultaneously from a 30-fathom depth of water at a chain speed of 30 feet per minute. The windlass motor, an Allis-Chambers compound wound type, is rated at 60-h.p., 230-volts, 226-amps, and 600-r.p.m. Warping heads on the wildcat shaft of the windlass provide the facilities for handling mooring lines.

anchor windlass

Close up of the anchor windlass and chain

Lane Victory's ground tackle includes two 9,500-lb. cast-steel best bowers, stowed in the hawsepipes, and one 3,420-lb. stream anchor stowed on the main deck aft.

The anchors were manufactured by the Columbia Steel Co. of Pittsburg, California. The anchor chain is 300 fathoms of 2-1/8-inch diameter stud-link cast steel chain, manufactured by the Pacific Chain & Manufacturing Company of Portland, Oregon, in two lengths.

Other lines include a 90-fathom, 1-1/2-inch diameter wire rope stream line; a 130-fathom, 1-3/4-inch diameter wire rope towline; two 73-fathom l-inch diameter wire rope hawsers; two 73-fathom wire rope warps; and two 73-fathom lengths of 8-inch sisal rope. All of the wire ropes are mounted on reels located on the weather deck.


Image of the bow showing the starboard anchor and 3"/50 gun mount

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