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Welcome to Cargo Hatch #1!
boson's storage

Boson's supplies in hold #1

auxiliary generator

Auxiliary generator installation in the former ammuntion locker forward of hold #1

The upper 'tween deck of cargo hold #1 has been converted into an expanded Boson's Locker. It is where line, cable, shackles, and all material, parts and tools are stored for the maintenance and repair of the deck equipment.  Everything needed to repair rigging, winches, booms, masts, life boat davits is stored here. The Boson's Locker on the Lane Victory is also used by the deck crew as a classroom for teaching wire rope and line splicing techniques.

The former ammuntion locker forward of cargo hold #1 has been converted to an auxiliary generator room. There are two generators located here that are used to supply the ship with power when it is "cold" (no steam pressure or shore power). The power from these generators is routed to the engine room's main electrical power board. The generator room consists of 2 NTA 495 Cummins 210 HP engines that will generate 125 KW, 3 PHASE, 480 V each. The location was designed by a local naval architect and Coast Guard approved.

The lower decks of cargo hold #1 contain a carpenter's workshop and is used to store spare parts and materials necessary to maintain the ship.

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