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Welcome to Cargo Hatch #3!
reverse osmosis machine

Adcor reverse osmosis machine located in hold #3 upper 'tween deck

Cargo hold #3 is not generally open to the public. Hold #3 is often used by film production companies for movie shoots as well.

Located on the upper 'tween deck is the reverse osmosis machine, manufactured by ADCOR. This system produces boiler-quality water (below 1 PPM hardness), by taking potable city water and forcing it through filters at a very high pressure. The filtered water is suitable to put directly into screwthe boilers as feed water, and is stored in distilled water tanks.

This deck also provides storage for a large quantity of machinery and parts donated to the ship by the Texas Reserve Fleet.

The engineering department has converted the lower 'tween deck of cargo hold #3 into a machine shop and electric shop that is used to manufacture or repair parts for the ship. Some of the tools available in the machine shop include:  a 10' high American Hole Wizard radial arm drill press, a Miller electric welder, plus two gas welders, a Lodge & Shipley Y 14" lathe, a Peerless 14" hack saw  , a rigid power pipe threading machine, a G&E 16" to 20" shaper, oxygen & acetylene torches, And many other smaller lathes, grinders, drill presses, hand tools, etc.

machine shop

Machine shop located in lower 'tween deck of hold #3

The electric shop house a rectifier donated by Romac. It converts 480 volt three-phase AC, the ship's shore power, to 230 volt DC, the power used by the main switch board when the engine room DC generators are not running. Through transfer switches the electricians can supply 480 volt three-phase AC from three different sources: the motor generator set driven by the ships DC source, the diesel driven generators, and shore power. The electirc shop also houses all the tools, equipment, and supplies that the electricians need to take care of all the ship's electrical equipment.

The engineering department has also installed a dorm facility in cargo hold #3 to house the engineering staff on longer cruises or for longer projects requiring an overnight stay.

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