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Welcome to the Mid-ship's House!
crew's mess

Starboard crew's mess located on the main deck


Fresh fruit tempts the crew in the galley

crew's cabin

Crew Cabin

captain's stateroom

Captain's stateroom

The main superstructure located at the center of the ship is known as the midship's house (or simply "the house").  The house is 4 decks high containing the primary living spaces for the crew and office spaces for running the business of the ship.  There are two sets of king posts, fore and aft of the house, that anchor cargo booms for cargo hatches #3 and #4 and provide exhaust ventilation for the below-deck spaces.

The main deck contains the galley, crew's messes, crew's quaters and heads.  

The galley is central to the ship's operations since good food is critical to the crew's morale. The steward's department is solely responsible for maintaining the ship's food stuffs and meal preparations. The galley is equipped with electric ranges manufactured by the Washington stove Works of Everett, Washington, two steam-jacketed kettles manufactured by Legion utensils of New York, New York, a Hobart mixer, manufactured by that Troy, New York, company, a vegetable peeler manufactured by the Anstice Co., of Rochester, New York, and a refrigerator manufactured by the Star Metal Manufacturing Corporation of Philadelphia. There are also refrigerators in the officers' pantry and aft pantry. Steward's stores, dry stores, and refrigerated stores are located on the second deck, amidships. 

The boat deck contains the officers' mess, officers pantry, junior officers' quarters and heads.  The boat deck is name so because the life boat davits and winches are located on this deck as well.

The cabin deck contains the senior officers quarters, the captains quarters and office, and the radio room.  The Radio Room is on the port side of the cabin deck. In it is the ship's original primary radio communication system: the original RCA 4U Radio Unit that was installed when the ship was launched. This unit is a modular assembly that incorporates all of the radio gear originally required on a ship like the Lane Victory and is still maintained in a fully operational state.  Augmenting the original radio equpiment, modern marine navigational and communication gear has also been installed. 

Finally the uppermost deck is the wheel house (or bridge).  Here the critical operations of navigating and piloting the ship are carried out.

Radio Room

Image showing the original RCA 4U installation in the radio room.

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