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Welcome to Cargo Hatch #4 Museum!

The museum in hold #4 is the ship's primary museum and meeting hall aboard the S.S. Lane Victory. Here you'll find a diverse array of exhibits.  Many exhibits feature letters, photographs, documents and newspapers from the 1940's documenting what life was like for mariners during the World War II era.  There are many nautical artifacts, ranging from ship's chronometers, radio and telegraph equipment, flare guns; to uniforms, medals, merchant marine papers and other personal effects.

Exhibits in Museum #4Exhibits in Museum #4Exhibits in Museum #4Exhibits in Museum #4

Merchant Marine and Maritime Exhibits in Museum #4 

One of the featured exhibits of museum #4 are the many large scale merchant ships models donated to the museum by Robert Mader.  Most of the ship models are built to the same scale and cover a broad gamut of merchant vessels, passenger liners, tugs, and military vessels of the period.

Bob Mader Model of S.S. Lane Victory Bob Mader Model of a Liberty ShipBob Mader Model of the S.S. Catalina

Ship Models by Robert Mader Featured in Museum #4 (click to enlarge)

There is also a section of this museum dedicated to the Navy Armed Guard that features training shells, fuze setters, enemy warship and aircraft identification guides and other tools and equipment used by Navy Armed Guard Personnel while aboard the vessels they protected.  Additionally, there are examples of small arms used by American, British, German and Japanese troops during the war.

World Ship Trust Award

S.S. Lane Victory Receives the World Ship Trust Heritage Award

T2 Tanker

Photo of a T2 Tanker At Sea

Lastly, the museum features awards given to honor the S.S. Lane Victory and rest of the merchant force for their loyal involvement in supporting the U.S. military during wartime. One award being the distinguished World Trust Award by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England.  Another award on display was bestowed upon the S.S. Lane Victory for her rescure of over 7000 Korean civilian refugees during the Korean Conflict.

This museum also acts as a conference center which is available for rent to the general public. It conveniently accommodates general meetings, lectures, training classes, and dinner receptions.  The museum is equipped with a piano, and a full size flat screen monitor and PA system for demonstrations and talks.  Restroom facilities are also available.

The S.S. Lane Victory's HAM radio shack and gift shop are also located within the #4 museum.  The gift shop contains S.S. Lane Victory and merchant marine souvenirs, clothing, accessories, books and many other merchant marine themed paraphernalia.

Merchant Marine Memorial

Replica of the San Pedro Merchant Marine Memorial Statue on Display in Museum #4 aboard the S.S. Lane Victory

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